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  • The General-Director of SICAD is ex-officio, the National Coordinator for the problems of Drugs, Drug Addiction and the Harmful Use of Alcohol, one of the Coordinating Structure Bodies that ensures the organisation and effectiveness in the definition of national policies.

    Under the guidance of the National Coordinator, the Technical Commission of the Interministerial Council ensures the technical pillar of the national policy.

    The National Council is the body associates the public and private entities involved in these areas in a dynamic partnership that is not limited to the advisory pillar, but involve them in the elaboration and implementation of the National Plan for Reducing Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies 2013 -2020 (PNRCAD). 

    Subcommittees were created to provide support to the Technical Commission in the context of sectorial areas of the Demand and Supply field and cross-cutting areas of the National Plan.

    These subcommittees undertake the annual monitoring of the implementation of the National Plan, mobilise the entities for the implementation of the actions inclued in the Action Plan and prepare the cyclical evaluations of PNRCAD and respective four years Action Plans. SICAD professionals coordinate eight of the ten Subcommittees.

    The 39n specific objectives of the National Plan are reflected in 134 actions to develop according to a specified timetable. The 150 responsible entities ensure monitoring of PNRCAD indicators and the periodical evaluations of Action Plans execution. An external evaluation of PNRCAD will be held in 2020 at the end of the cycle.